Little boy jeans

I don't know about your guys, but our sons loved wearing painter's pants with loops and cargo jeans with multiple pockets all the time when they were little!  It wasn't the color and it certainly wasn't the fit that had our boys so enamored with that particular style of jeans. They were blue, khaki, grey and black like every other jean on the market....but these had loops, zippers and pockets!  Lots of them!

There is something about pockets for rough and tumble boys that attract the coolest contents on the planet.  "Special" rocks, colorful marbles, cool slingshots, and shells, rare Indian head nickles, pocket knives, second-hand "tools" that Dad bestowed on them, acorns, and red, ripe, tiny crab apples, bits of smooth glass from the shore and smooth chestnuts from the neighbor's tree, black shiny beetles, rough, prickly pine cones and even fast, little frogs (if they'll stay in there) are gathered and stored. Your boy can hardly wait to bring these all home to show off to anyone who is willing to ooh and ah over their finds!  And it is our job, as moms, to ooh and ahh with gusto!

When you notice that his pants weigh more than your son, check the pockets.  Chances are, if you dump them out, you'll find a treasure trove of goodies that only a little boy can accumulate and present for you to appreciate. Moreover, if you don't check the pockets, you will more than likely hear them clinking and dinging the inside of the washer or drier as you attempt to get those grass stained knees and muddy pant legs cleaned for their next outdoor adventure.

It's just part of being a boy. There's a big world out there, waiting to be explored. There are streams to forge and dams to build, trails to hike and rocks to skip, leaves to burn with a magnifying glass and fireflies to catch on a summer night and put into jars with holes punched into the lids.

God made little boys to explore so when they became men, they would be able to hunt long ago and provide for their families. They are geared for adventure...just pray ~ God keep them safe!