Bathtime for two...inevitably

What is it about bath time that is so special? Is it their slippery soapy precious little body that is too cute to behold? Or perhaps the fragrant bubbles that have them reaching and giggling as you clean behind tiny ears. It's always a challenge as you try to get in the folds under their neck and between their curling toes to clean out the sweet potatoes from dinner and the baby toe jam from new socks. Maybe it's the perfect appearance of their long eyelashes stuck together by the water as they look up at you with their two-toothed baby grin...or the unexpected fountain of youth as the rolls on chubby thighs touch the warm water! You can't help but laugh and lunge to prevent them from going under as they slip and slide on their round little bottoms in the soapy water...

More than likely it's that fresh, clean smell of baby shampoo and baby wash that fills your mommy-head when you lift them from the tub. You wrap them cozily in a hooded bath towel and dry off their pudgy arms and grasping little hands. Then when the baby powder goes on, you're a goner ~ wrapped up in the heady aroma of babyhood as you snuggle your little one. Good luck as you try to calm them and gently coax wiggling limbs into their sleeper for the night! It's like trying to get worms into a baggie for a fishing trip...a challenge no matter how many times you've done it!

Is it the wet tiles that need to get dried before someone slips and falls, or your own wet clothes and sore knees that remind you of the time you spent kneeling on the bathroom floor mat? Your little one enjoyed their watery fun and beckoned you to join in their playtime with arms flailing and splashing in the sudsy tub. Face it; whether or not you needed a bath too, you got one!

You wrap them in your arms and they nuzzle against you to nurse, relaxing, feeling loved, protected and totally content. So ends another crazy day...and you wouldn't trade it for the world!