They'll Touch Your Heart in Unexpected Ways

A  bouquet of pretty flowers picked from our favorite garden (oh oh!)...a "breakfast" of burnt toast and spilled orange juice for Mother's Day (a humble attempt)...a hand written card in crayon with "I luv yu" and a signature we can't quite make out (still learning)...a bottle of cheap perfume picked out special for mommy's birthday (smelled good in the store) attempt to help pick up toys or clean the kitchen floor (may not seem much cleaner but it's the thought that counted)... touch our hearts in many unexpected ways.

A sudden clasp around the neck (sometimes welcome and sometimes a distraction)... a smooch, wet and slobbery across our nose (hmm, where are the tissues?)...a tug on our earlobe as we hold their sleepy form (which hopefully doesn't rip out our earring)... wrapped arms around our leg and then reaching up to us with imploring cries for comfort (despite our aching back after a long day)... touch our hearts in unexpected ways, even when we are exhausted and needing comfort ourselves!

Bubbles on the tip of their wet little nose (too cute, where's the camera?)...chocolate all around their mouth after a scrumptious, summer ice cream cone (another treasured memory)...a cowlick that refuses to cooperate (love those little swirls at the crown of their heads)...a shirt buttoned-up wrong (but it was a valiant effort)...sneakers put on the wrong feet ("But they're the only feet I have Mommy!")...a scrape on the knee or a bump on the head (needing mommy's magical touch)...a soft plea for a cracker or nibble of cheese (to assuage their ever-growing appetites)...touch our hearts in unexpected ways, even when we are sporting a beautiful blouse with spit up on our shoulder!

All these little things can strum our heartstrings when we least expect them to because they remind us of our little ones' vulnerability, innocence and need for unconditional love. They remind us that what they need most from us is attention, love lathered on daily, protection, care and tender kisses that reveal our mother-hearts and assure them that we are there for them, always!