Our job

When it comes right down to it...our job is not to do everything for our kids~ but to teach our kids how to do things for themselves! How many of us were continuing to do our children's laundry all the way up into and through college?  Not a great idea!  How will they ever learn, not only to do it but to appreciate all you did? The honest truth is, I didn't do as good a job as I should have...our sons did their own laundry by high school, but they didn't learn to cook and that was unfortunate!

Especially if you have sons, (with all their sweaty, smelly, moldy nasty sports stuff they bring home that can practically stand at the front door and call out obscenities), how will they ever realize your dedication in their early years to keeping them clothed and clean, if they never learn to take care of these chores for themselves.   Only when they understand what it takes to go through all those piles, (sorting some piles with the clothes pin on your nose), pouring detergent, setting timers, changing the load over to the dryer, setting more timers, folding, lugging laundry baskets and putting laundry in drawers or on hangers, will they understand what it took to keep the household running, especially when they grow like weeds and outgrow all their clothes in a summer.

What about meals and cooking? Will they learn how to boil water and put on macaroni and cheese? Can they fry up their own burger or make a grilled cheese when they're hungry? (And I have to warn you, they are always hungry when they hit high school!)  Do they know how long to bake chicken? Do they know how to shop, compare prices, buy by the pound, and pick out the ripest produce? Will they choose the right spices to include in their Mexican tacos, their Chinese stir fry or their Italian pasta? Do they understand the nutritional value of a salad or side dish? Do they know how to pick a ripe pineapple, when strawberries are in season, or the difference between bananas and plantain? It's important information that will help them launch successfully when it's time for them to leave home. Do them a favor...teach them what they need to know!