An Honorary Member of the Gang of Big Boys

It's so hard to be the little guy, especially when your two big brothers are only twenty-one months apart, best buddies and five and a half years older than you! You may always be playing catch up and trying to fit in and participate in all the big boy activities, and sometimes your brothers, quite honestly are going to not want to deal with you.  They'll try to discourage you, saying, "You're too little, go away!" But hang in there. If you are tenacious, soon you will become an honorary member of the Big Boy Gang.

Ben was always the odd man out. It was hard being so much younger than his two older brothers, just shy of two years apart. They had their buddies who were all about the same age, with brothers slightly older and younger who joined in occasionally.  However, Ben was significantly younger by five and a half years, so more often than not, he was left out or shooed away.

When Mom insisted that he be included, big brothers hemmed and hawed but usually agreed and fun was had by all! Ben participated in many Big Brother Birthday parties with big boy activities and loved them! And looking back, I would have to admit that he "grew up" faster than either of his brothers.   Even as a toddler he walked sooner than either of his brothers in an attempt to get to where they were.  When you're the littlest guy in the pack, you tend to do everything you can to keep up and be embraced as one of the gang. Is your little guy aching to be included?