Belly Laughs are the Best!

You'll never forget the sound of your little one laughing from deep down in his belly. It is so much fun to get him going, because they just never tire of the game! Whatever will get him started that tickles his funny bone, will keep you coming back for more, trust me.  Try blowing bubbles on his tummy, peek-a-boo, blowing raspberries, dancing like a lunatic, talking like Donald Duck, be creative!

When our middle son Mark was a little tyke, we had a stuffed pink pig that oinked when you squeezed its stomach. It was more like a grunt/snort type of sound and it sent our little guy into peals of laughter every time we pulled that little oinker out! We couldn't get enough of his belly laughs and he couldn't get enough of the pink pig! Don't know what happened to that adorable, annoying stuffed animal. (You know how it goes, admit it: if you didn't start it, you find it annoying after a while...if you got it out, you think it's hysterical way past the point that anyone else does!)

Every child is different. But you will find them entertained by a myriad of things that may not even be all that funny to you at the time. Dropping something as you are making dinner can be a wonderful source of entertainment for your toddler! It's a mistake the first time...then gets repeated over and over again, because you just can't resist that belly laugh that gets you laughing as well.