A World Class Gym Workout

Crawlers! Weren't we all anxious at one point to have our infants become mobile?  Didn't we encourage them as they first scooched on diapered butts to get to a coveted toy, or make their way across the den floor to get a hug from their adoring parents?  Didn't we applaud wildly and look at each other with great anticipation as they rocked on all fours, contemplating the idea of crawling for the first time? Before you knew it, they invented their own way of getting what they wanted and where they wanted and then, to what they weren't allowed to have!

Then they took those first tentative steps, looking like Frankenstein with arms outstretched or with stiff legs propelling them behind a push-toy.  They were so darn cute as they walked, precariously at first, to the sound of our cheers, the sight of our smiling faces and into our open, waiting arms!  In our short-sightedness, we thought we would be finally spared the arm-breaking, muscle aching job of carrying them around as their weight approached a hefty twenty pounds. Now the muscles that ache are just different ones!

Once they are on the go, we realize we can dump our gym membership! What a workout just chasing after the little rugrats on a daily basis! We were so worried about staying in shape and getting our figures back.  All we are concerned about at this point is staying one step ahead of our able, energetic quick cruisers!

The list of things that they can get into is horrifying. How about drawing all over the bedspread with Mommy's lipstick or giving their stuffed animal a bath in the toilet? Then there is the fun in the food cupboard that holds boxes and containers of all kinds of things to dump out, pour out, mix and taste (like cornmeal)!  What about digging in the dirt of houseplants to eat that yummy black stuff or spread it all over the living room rug! As a toddler, I stuck a dried bean up my nose~ that was fun! I also got into a jar of Vicks Vaporub and smeared it all over my crib, mattress, sheets, and the wall. Miracu-lously, I didn't get any in my eyes!

Glass figurines are shiny, attractive and yes, unfortunately, breakable! Crayons, pens and pencils can turn your little budding artist into a Rembrandt in no time, not to mention sending you to the ER in a panic. Trying on Dad's shoes is no big deal, falling down the stairs in them or Mommy's high heels can also give you a costly ride in an ambulance. This is the time to check your house for childproofing requirements: outlets, wires, chemicals, cleaning supplies, lotions, medicines, tools, china, even games with small playing pieces, books (pages are fun to tear out or draw on), home decor items,  anything within reach is fair game as far as your toddler is concerned. And your toddler will be curious about everything!

When it comes to kitchen cleanliness, (crumbs, a hiding grape that escaped the bunch, a green bean that fell unnoticed during last night's dinner, now covered in dust)  get a dog...that's what we did!

The world suddenly becomes a very interesting huge place to explore with abandon when you can get around as you please! Just ask your favorite toddler and find out what he's put in his mouth, up his nose or in his ear...or tried to stick in his belly button, down his diaper or into the toilet  Good luck!!