Popcorn Prayers

I would never wish to be disrespectful or diminish the power of prayer in any way, but when you are a mom, or even a grandmother for that matter, there are some days when an hour-long prayer session is just simply out of the question! In all honesty, I trust God to be with me and my family throughout my day, no matter whether I begin it in prayer or not. However, prayer to start the day can help to place our focus on the right things and allow a positive spirit to carry us through even the toughest days!

We need to pray for our kids and grandchildren, but not just when something has gone awry or they are in trouble. If we wait for a crisis, God in His good and perfect timing, will still answer our prayers. He won't always give us the answer we want in the time we want, but it is always the best answer! Nevertheless, I truly believe that God listens to us when we pray each day, through the little things and the big things, through the sweet and wonderful events and the hard and traumatic experiences, through the bumps, bruises and tears as well as the smiles, laughter and cheers! Moreover, I have come to appreciate the fact that He even hears our popcorn prayers!

Popcorn prayers are the quick, succinct, grab the chance to pop it up to heaven, opportunities to lift our children up to God during our hectic days, knowing that He loves them even more than we do! They are our chance to admit to God that our children are in our care only temporarily and because of this, we need to rely heavily on His guidance and direction as we raise our little ones, continue to guide our big ones, and enjoy our "grand-ones", for Him! We need to admit that God is the only perfect parent, and we must give ourselves grace day by day as we push forward on this journey we call motherhood, or as we float along on our grandma-clouds of euphoria!

What an amazing privilege it is to come to our Father as mothers! He knows our hearts and He puts in our hearts what we need to know to mother well.  I remember often hoping to just survive the day, making it through until bedtime when I could finally collapse with exhaustion, hoping that tomorrow would be a little easier and a little brighter!  So here is my popcorn prayer for you moms out there:

Dear Lord,  bless this mother! Give her patience, endurance, wisdom and joy in her journey. Allow her to face each new day with a bounce in her step, a smile in her heart and a lift in her spirit. Help her remember that these are Your children that are in her care and because they are Yours, You love them even more than she does, as their heavenly Father, and hers! Help her to raise them with Godly guidance and wisdom, seeking Your will every day. Give her the confidence to serve them when they are young but to lead with authority and love as they grow older. Finally, help her to understand that in leaning on You as she mothers, she will be giving them a solid foundation on which to build their lives, and will one day reap a harvest of beautiful relationships with her children, and grandchildren, nurtured through the years with Godly wisdom.

Lord, she will not do everything right. There will be days that are long, difficult and challenging. But help her to give herself the grace she needs to persevere. Make her house a home where love is served daily, laughter resonates within its walls, and encouragement and blessing abide. Let her know that You are with her as she walks through her days, and that each new dawn brings another chance to appreciate the gifts from Your hand...her beloved children. Amen!