Musings of a Mom

Motherhood has been, and will undoubtedly continue to be, a rocky, bumpy road and I, more than anyone, need to remember to fasten my seat belt. Not that being a mom hasn't been a rip-roaring ride, as I stated in the introduction of the first edition of my book.  I expect it will continue year after glorious year with each go-around ending in a whoop and a holler with my hair standing on end!  Actually, the real truth is that this ride is far from over. In fact, I'd say it's about half way through the twists and turns, the curves that have you drooling out of the side of your mouth and the drops that leave you wondering if you left your stomach about midway through the fall in the track.

I was never one for roller coasters. If someone had been honest with me before I got pregnant with my first, and told me how much I would cry over the silliest sentiments, laugh until coffee came out of my nose (which by the way, hurts like hell), worry until I was physically sick to my stomach, lose sleep that I couldn't afford to give up, or scream with excitement until I felt like I had strep, I might not have bought into the idea of having children. Now, I can't imagine life without my sons. I love being a mom!

My children have filled my cups to overflowing (literally), bugged me until I itched, made me prouder than a peacock, and testified to the fact that when Mama ain't happy, nobody's happy! But I have yet to ask the ticket seller for my money back. Furthermore, it looks like I'm getting on line again for a completely different ride this time, one I can just enjoy to the fullest without worrying as much, that can pause and resume as life allows, that will bring me even more joy because the ride doesn't last 24/7.  My ticket was bought for me this time and I'm on line waiting with great anticipation!