Sometimes You Just Have to Trust Your Heart!

Despite all the magazine articles, the published books on parenting (including humorous ones like mine), the professionals who tout their degrees to guide us over the difficult hurdles we face, the radio programs to listen to for tips and strategies and the social media tools at our fingertips that allow us to stay updated on all the latest findings...parenting still remains a matter of the heart! However, you wouldn't know it these days!

We moms are made to feel that we need to consult everyone everywhere to know how to raise our children. We read, read and read even more, hoping to glean that one nugget of wisdom that will guarantee the best results! As soon as we bump up against a challenge, we run to a person with capital letters after their name for the assurance we crave, that whatever we are facing is not our fault and that there is a remedy in a bottle or in an office that will turn things around and set us back on course.

How I long for the days when we would call our moms for advice and trust that it was just what we needed to hear. When did we step off the path that gave us the confidence to trust our guts and our hearts and make decisions that needed to be made without a professional putting in their two cents? The term "maternal instincts" didn't show up in our parenting terminology by accident.  There is no need to teach a little girl how to hold, rock and feed her baby doll. Furthermore, I know there were times I just knew there was something wrong with my child, before the pediatrician confirmed it and (in some cases) even despite what the doctor said!

We have to get back to basics and trust that God put in us what we need, to be the best moms we can be. In the final analysis, no one knows our kids better than we do! That's not to say that there aren't times when we do indeed require professional help, but we shouldn't default to that at every challenge!  We must trust our hearts! God speaks to us there!