Reflections of a Sappy Mom

Well, here I am again.  It's been a long time!  And so much has happened since I last wrote. I promise to fill you in as the weeks go by and I'm back on a roll~ It's been really quiet at home for the last week or so.  My husband went on a fishing trip in Canada, my youngest son is on a missions trip in Africa and I've had the place all to myself!  I don't think I ever realized how quiet it could be. There were definitely times as a younger mom, that I would pray for and dream about the peace and quiet I am experiencing now.

I know you all know this in your hearts, but I want to remind you again!  The time flies by so will look back (when you are my age and out of the storm) and wonder how many blessings you missed in the frenzy of everyday life as a mom.  You will question whether the things that seemed like a big deal really mattered after all; an un-mopped floor, a failing grade, or a missed practice. You will long for the days when the toys were strewn all over the floor and the beds were left unmade... when you had to dig under piles of clothes and papers to find a missing sneaker that your teenager needed for an after-school soccer game. You will chuckle when you remember how they missed the bus and forgot their lunches more often than not.

Your tears will fall in the deafening silence.

Now the fridge stays fuller longer. The piles of laundry are minuscule in comparison to what they used to be, the shopping lists are shorter and the days are longer. You will look back and wonder how you made it through. You won't be able to remember the blow-ups and the miscommunications, or the reasons for slammed doors. The little details of the trials and challenges you faced as they were growing up will become hazy and start to lose their significance.  After all, most of our children will not become professional athletes, neurosurgeons, movie stars, Broadway divas, prima ballerinas or virtuoso musicians. If they do, great! However, what you really want is for them to be happy with the paths they've chosen and the lives they are living.

Now you can relax and gain this new perspective.

You thank God that your children are becoming their own persons. You see glimpses more often of who God intended them to be and how God is molding them day by day. You want only the best for them; and what is really important is their character! Their morals and values, their honesty and integrity, how responsible and respectful they are, how much they can fend for themselves once they have launched from your nest, and how much they are willing and able to contribute to society. You realize that there has been a indiscernible shift in the way you pray for your children. Suddenly you find yourself praying for them on a missions trip half way around the world!

Suddenly it is easier to have perspective. You can see the forest through the trees. It's the big picture that matters now. They are happy, well-adjusted, confident adults who love God and have purpose, direction and love in their lives. Yes, deep unconditional love. If you can be at peace with having given them roots and wings, you can face the next season with joy!

What more can you ask for as a mom?