Look at the Mess You Made!

Look at the mess you made!  Makes me think of a cartoon I saw once.  It was a picture of a baby chick that had just broken out of its shell, looking very remorseful as the mother hen was yelling "Now look what you did!"  Like it had a choice!  I could relate to that little guy.

I had to pace.  I paced and paced and breathed deeply and held my abdomen, sure that I would be delivering a baby elephant with the pressure I felt.  To relieve the severity of the contractions, I paced around the bed, shaking off my poor husband who asked over and over "Is there anything I can do?"  "Yes!", I answered exasperatedly.  "Deliver this baby for me, will you please, because right about now I don't really want to do this and I can't believe this is all your fault and why didn't you talk me out of this because I'm not sure at all now that I even want to be a mother and yes, let's just trade places and you can lie on the bed and drop a bowling ball out of your body, how does that sound?"

Just then I heard another woman scream bloody murder down the hall.  Being a first timer- I thought for sure that baby must have weighed in at a whopping fifty pounds by the sound penetrating every bone in my already weary body and that mother was dying as she gave life.  Needless to say~ I was "fragile" at this point.  And then it happened!

They tell you that if this occurs in the grocery store to grab a jar of pickles and throw it on the floor...no one will know that your water broke but you!  Of course, with my luck, I'd be in the produce aisle!  It kind of loses its effectiveness when you toss down a green pepper or head of broccoli.

Anyway, in comes "Nurse Nasty" who takes one look at me, drops her eyes to the floor and sneers through pursed lips, "Look at the mess you made!"