A Fierce Love

I don't think I was prepared for the intensity of the love I felt for my babies as well as the intensity I felt from their love for me.  It is an amazing thing how God puts that fierce love into both mother and child to create a bond that is sometimes overwhelming and at the same time intentionally indestructible.  As a mom, I can not even imagine not loving my boys.  I can't imagine anything that they could ever do which would destroy that love.  I may not always agree with their choices, their lifestyle, their words or actions, but they will always be my sons.  I used to tell them when they were little: "I love you so much and even more, forever and ever, no matter what!"  And it's true.

That love starts the moment you feel the flutter in your womb~ the first indication that life has blossomed there.  You can't wait to meet this little one growing inside your body and the anticipation builds and builds over the months of pregnancy until you can hardly stand it!  Then suddenly, they are here~ in your arms, red, wrinkled and probably screaming their head off.

You fall head over heels in love instantly.  You marvel at the incredible size of their minuscule fingernails and their shriveled tiny feet.  You count every finger and toe and admire the rosebud mouth pursed and eager to suckle.  You inhale and can't get enough of the new baby smell that permeates the room and fills your nostrils.  They are at once helpless and demanding in their total dependence on you and you immediately and completely give yourself up to this mothering role.  There is nothing you wouldn't do for this complete stranger who you know intimately.  He has lived inside you and your heart for months now and you have been his source of life and strength!