A Quick Story at Bedtime?

Hey moms!  There is nothing better than being a mother!  Of course, there are days when you'd trade in all the stinky diapers, sticky fingers, broken crayons, action figures down the toilet, and puke on your just-dry-cleaned silk blouse for one hour of silence! But what job is more important?  NONE in my opinion!  Someday you'll look back and wonder where the years went.  Enjoy every minute, especially on the tough days, because our children are miraculous gifts from God and if we blink, they'll have quickly flown from our nest!  We can't take our jobs as moms or our responsibilities lightly...like reading books to our cherubs after they're scrubbed shiny and in their choo-choo jammies.  Is there anything more adorable?

You know you're into advanced mommyhood if it takes you one hour to read a Dr. Seuss book to your children at bedtime!  I'll show you what I mean...

A Quick Story at Bedtime

"Okay everybody, climb onto the bed!  Tonight we're reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.  Isn't that nice?  What? No, he's not your doctor.  Your pediatrician is Dr. Seymour Anklebiters.  Is everybody comfortable?  Junior, take your finger out of your brother's ear!  No, we're not reading that book tonight.  We're going to read this one.  Go ahead, get your bear...NOW is everybody ready?  Here goes...

Don't start? Why not?  You've got to go potty?  Okay~ but hurry.  Yes, I promise I'll wait. I don't know if worms have tonsils...I'll have to look that up.  Oh good!  You're back!  Did you flush? Awesome!  Hey buddy, did you wash your hands?  Yes?  Good boy!

Okay: "One fish, two fish..."

No, not 3 fish, 4 fish...Yes, I know you made that paper airplane out of the church bulletin.  Nice job!

Hey, no kicking!  That's it...you sit over here on this side of me.  If you can't behave, we won't read the story!  Be nice to your brother.

No pop isn't home yet.  I'm sure he'll know the answer to your question.  Ask him tomorrow night, okay?  What?!  We can't read a story tomorrow night?  Why not?   You invited your whole Sunday school class over for pizza?!  That's just great!

Naughty, naughty!  None of them is wearing a bike helmet!  You're right.  Junior, I don't know how Santa knows if you're naughty or nice, so be nice to your brother, like I said!

Sure, mommy can look in your ears.  Fine, I'll take a look in yours too.  Go ahead...check mine.  Are we all okay?  Can I continue now?

Yes, Bubba yells alot.  You were loud like that when you were his age you know!  No, we're not going to put Bubba out...He gets to stay!

Yes, Mommy likes to sing!  No let's not sing the whole rest of the book.  Be quiet now so you can hear the story...A drink of water?  Right now?  Okay~ I'm really beginning to believe in the power of suggestion.  Never mind what it means.  Hurry up...

Uh-huh!  Mommy thinks you're a good little winker!  And Bubba's a good little stinker!

Yes, mommy has little hairs under her armpits because she never has time to shave!

I think Noah missed bringing the gacks onto the ark.  I think he missed Chia pets too.

Alright, you caught me!  I skipped a part.  Good for you for paying attention!  You're a smart cookie!  What?  You're hungry?  You want a cookie?  I'll get you a snack at the end of the story...if we ever GET to the end of the story!

"...today is gone.  Today was fun.  Tomorrow is another one!"

No, we can't read this book all over again.  Mommy just doesn't have the energy!  It's time for nighty nights!  No, whole wheat bread is not dirty bread!  Give Mommy a hug, I need to go to bed!  Now three kisses for "I love you!"  I can never have enough kisses!  Sweet dreams my little sugar cookie!  A snack?  Oh...yeah...I forgot...yes, I promised!

Okay, now are we all set?  I'll leave on the night light, okay?  You bet I do!   I love you so much and even more, forever and ever, no matter what!