Remaking the Bed

"Be patient, bearing with one another in love." Ephesians 4:2 Have you ever asked one of your kids to do something and had their efforts not reach your standards by a long shot?  I remember when the boys were little, one of my biggest pet peeves was their bed making...Of course, in the beginning when they were first learning, it often looked like they hadn't done anything to the bed at all.  Occasionally, we would walk in while they were in the process of "making the bed" to find them crawling on top of the covers trying desperately to straighten out the bedspread with all their weight hampering their efforts.

As a mom, you can clean up one room...find it in shambles five minutes later.  It's the nature of the beast and really, what I needed to do was relax about it.  Now that I am an empty-nester, I realize how futile it was to expect my house to be neat and clean when our boys were little.  There was a bumper sticker I saw once that read "A really clean house is the sign of a really sick mind."  No worries there!

Now I can walk around, glancing in each empty room and find the beds neat as pins for weeks on end.  I long to find one rumpled, disheveled and slept-in for it would indicate a long-overdue visit...

I have always loved the poem about the cobwebs that can wait- because until you have children, you don't realize how quickly the years fly by, and they grow up faster than you can believe.  We all need to spend time and energy on the important things that matter.

Eventually I learned about the miracle of comforters...In the long run, the appearance of a girlfriend always does wonders to clean up one's habitation habits...As our standards relax on certain issues, so will our kids...and in turn, so will we.  It's a beautiful thing!