Advice from the Pros: Never Drive with Mom!

"Never lend your car to anyone to whom you have given birth!"  ~Erma Bombeck You haven't earned your parent badge unless you have lived through the driver's education phase of parenting teenagers!

I always considered myself a relatively calm, level-headed, patient person.  If you polled my family however, you may get an entirely different point of view.  Once our boys turned sixteen and started begging to take drivers education and get their permits, I suddenly realized just how skittish and paranoid I could be.  Each of our boys had the wonderful experience of driving with mom when they were first learning and finding out just how terrified I was of dying in a car accident.

Once our oldest got his license, the advice started to trickle down through the ranks: never drive with Mom if you can help it!  They became acutely aware of the motions I made, though involuntary, as they drove tentatively down our neighborhood streets.  It didn't take much for me to gasp, moan, inhale audibly through clenched teeth, press the invisible brake pedal on the passenger side of the van or grip the dashboard when they were practicing...