The Daddy Toll Booth - a tribute to the father of our boys!

"Imitate God, since you are the children He loves.  Live in love as Christ also loved us."                                            Ephesians 5:1,2 One of the biggest pleasures of being a mom was watching my husband being a dad.  Every time he interacted with our boys in his loving, caring, funny, mischievous way, I fell more in love with him.  In the beginning of our parenting, I fell in love all over again watching him cradle our helpless newborns in his strong manly arms.  With Scott, he was awkward at first, but it soon become second nature and he filled his daddy role with zest.

When our boys were still little enough to thrive on silliness, there was a game often played either before dinner, or just after, that the boys begged for on a regular basis...

...I watched from the kitchen as I made dinner or cleaned up and smiled ear to ear as I enjoyed my four boys having so much fun.  There were times I was very tempted to join in, but in my heart I knew it was important for our boys to enjoy this special game with just their Daddy.  It was their time with him to see a side of him that they loved!