Smack Him Again and Put Him Back

I love the joke about the little girl whose mother was in labor and about to deliver. Between contractions, the laboring mom asked her daughter to call 911 and soon there was an EMT at the door asking where Mom was, and giving little Abbey instructions on how to help him deliver the baby.  Abbey did as she was told and was a great help.  Soon she had a new baby brother and Mom was just fine. After spanking the baby and getting him to cry, the EMT handed baby Aaron over to Mom.  Then he turned and asked Abbey what she thought of the whole experience.  Abbey put her hands on her hips, pursed her lips and exclaimed, "Smack him again!  He shouldn't have crawled up there in the first place!"

The earliest picture we have of bringing our second baby Mark home is a photo of me, holding Mark with a very tearful big brother pointing at the front door.  I had had my second C-section, so I couldn't pick up Scotty for quite some time and it broke his heart. He didn't understand and saw Mark as the reason why I couldn't "love" him.  His response to seeing the new addition to the family was a definitive "Put him back!"

It is truly a miracle that sibling rivalry doesn't take more of a toll in the grand scheme of things!  I've also heard said, "I asked for a puppy!"  Yeah, older siblings never like being "dethroned" by the latest arrival to the castle.